ice cream sandwich cake.

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The art of shaving Dick.


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          The mention of Odin nearly made Loki’s eye twitch. To say those two had problems was an understatement.


                                    “That is a bold claim…”

         Loki eye’d the man in front of him. “The Allfather has a virtually unmatchable ego. Practically thinks himself invincible. The only one I know of that may potentially be worse is Thor…

       But that is to be expected, they may as well be the same being.”

"Metaphors aside though, the proposition’s got your interest now doesn’t it?"


                    He smirked a rather wolfish grin that held more confidence than his size seemed to measure. “So what do ya say then, do we have ourselves a deal?”



Edible Chocolate Legos



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Here’s a sneak peek of my piece for Artbook-S, an upcoming Supernatural-themed charity artbook that includes never-before-seen work from more than 30 incredible artists. All proceeds from the artbook will go to Action Against Hunger.

Keep an eye out for the kickstarter in early September!

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Loki watercolor

By  Kimberly Godfrey via Etsy

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What it would look like if the Orion Nebula was a distance of 4 light years away.

i’m game

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This may be the most beautiful fox I’ve ever seen


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20 Vivid Hummingbird Close-ups Reveal Their Incredible Beauty

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"Westerners, I swear. The sheer arrogance. You think you’re the only ones on Earth? You pillage and you butcher in your god’s name. But you’re not the only religion, and he’s not the only god. And now you think you can just rip the planet apart? You’re wrong. There are billions of us. And we were here first. If anyone gets to end this world, it’s me.

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